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Doing what no one has done before. Leading the Digital Asset industry forward to usher in the future of finance.

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Modern banking backed by traditional values

LevelField was founded by banking executives with decades of global experience. We share a common vision that the future of money is digital and that banks will continue to be a trusted provider of financial services.

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A Firm Worthy of Trust

LevelField is built on the principle that clients trusting our firm with their assets is a special relationship that must be honored and respected.

As soon as you accept other people’s money, one has a fiduciary responsibility to safeguard their assets.
Gene A. Grant II, CEO of LevelField

Leadership Team

LevelField’s founders average over 30 years of experience within the highly regulated financial services industry. Headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Proud Member

LevelField is an Associate Member of the American Bankers Association

Board of Directors

The experience of LevelField's executive directors is complemented by the expertise of our independent board members.

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The LevelField Desktop Platform is now open in select states. Sign up today and trade without fees until February 20, 2023*
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