The Road to Financial Innovation

Innovative banking and digital asset services, built on LevelField’s indomitable foundation.

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The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

A Full Service Bank does what a Trust company cannot. LevelField Bank’s charter is the core of our strategy, unlocking products and benefits not available to market incumbents.


LevelField Banking

LevelField Bank will bring traditional finance and digital assets together like no one has before, offering all your accounts in one place.

You Don’t Have To Sell Your Bitcoin

LevelField allows you to interact with your Digital Assets however you want. Spend, borrow, or sell.



LevelField Borrow

A personal loan, collateralized by your digital assets. Deposit your digital assets in a LevelField account to become eligible for a US Dollar loan.

LevelField Cards

LevelField Cards are designed to let you interact with your asset of choice every time you pay.

LevelField Swipe

Swipe dollars and get cash or digital assets back. Change your reward currency at any time. Stack Sats with every purchase.

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LevelField Unlock

Unlock the purchasing power of your Digital Assets. Spend and borrow USD without selling your Bitcoin. Deposit a minimum of $20,000 in BTC/other currency as collateral, and spend up to 50% as a dynamic line of credit, subject to price volatility.

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LevelField Unlock Black

Enjoy all the benefits of LevelField Unlock, with a special APR reserved for customers who deposit $100,000 or more as collateral.

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High Net Worth and Institutional Offerings

LevelField offers a selection of specialized services to meet the unique needs of our high net worth and institutional clients.

Private Client Services

LevelField will offer personalized service with dedicated account executives who can serve as your single point of contact.

OTC Trading Desk

LevelField offers a private and personalized service to institutions and high net worth individuals that need to make large trades at one price.

Wealth management and advisory

Tailored traditional and digital asset services focused on financial growth and management.

Custody of Digital Assets

Safeguarding your assets using novel applications of military-grade technology and stringent, multi-level protocols.

Trade Without Fees

The LevelField Desktop Platform is now open in select states. Sign up today and trade without fees until February 20, 2023*
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