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Whether you are looking to invest in private companies or you are a business seeking strategic capital solutions, LevelField Investment Bank is ready to help.

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A Variety of Investment Opportunities

Access investment opportunities in startups, real estate, ongoing projects and more, available to accredited and non-accredited investors alike.

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Choose From Diverse Investment Types

LevelField Investment Bank is dedicated to cultivating a catalog of investment opportunities that span multiple industries at different stages in their growth.

Pre-Revenue Financing

Curated opportunities to fund promising startups from diverse sectors, selected by LevelField's experts

Post-Revenue Financing

Infuse new capital into developed companies and other cash flowing business opportunities

Real Estate and Tokenized Offerings

Real estate investments and tokenized offerings, unlocking previously inaccessible opportunities


Investor Profile

LevelField offers opportunities for all investors, as well as additional investments for accredited investors only.

All Investors

All LevelField customers will have access to the Investment Bank portal to view and participate in listings.

Accredited Only

Additional listings only available to investors who meet certain criteria.

Trade Without Fees

The LevelField Desktop Platform is now open in select states. Sign up today and trade without fees until February 20, 2023*
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