Special promotion, until December 25th.

Account activation is subject to approval. Fee of $1.00 waived on each Easy Trade transaction; 40 basis points or less on Pro Platform transactions based on a 30 day rolling trade volume. For customers outside of the initial launch area, fees and commissions will be waived for 45 days after launch in their state of residence.

Pro Trading
Pricing TierMaker FeeTaker Fee
$0 - 10K0.35%0.40%
$10 - 50K0.30%0.35%
$50 - 100K0.25%0.30%
$100K - 1M0.20%0.25%
$1M - 10M0.15%0.20%
$10M - 20M0.10%0.15%
$20M - 100M0.05%0.11%
$100M - 300M0.04%0.10%
$300M - 500M0.03%0.08%
$500M +0.02%0.05%
Easy Trade
Transaction Fee
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