Changing The Way You Interact With Digital Assets

Trade, Borrow, and Earn on an intuitive and easy-to-use platform built for all levels of experience.

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Raising Expectations

LevelField is setting a higher standard for investment platforms and leading the industry forward to serve as the new benchmark for what traders expect.


The launchpad to the future of finance

A customizable way to view accounts, charting tools, transaction history, and Easy Trade all on one page.

Easy Trade

A simple way to buy and sell digital assets

Designed for ease of use and transparency. Link your payment method, enter the amount you want to buy or how much you want to spend, and complete the transaction in a few simple steps.

Pro Trading

Advanced tools and features for experienced traders

Plan and execute your strategy using our charting tools and advanced order types on a customizable trading platform.

Leverage Trading

Manage risk on your terms

With the ability to trade up to 5x long and 3x short, LevelField offers clients a unique way to trade in both directions.

LevelField Earn

The oldest approach to earning yield brought to digital assets

Choose your term length, loan your assets to LevelField, and earn interest in the currency of your choice.

Trade Without Fees

The LevelField Platform is now open in selected states. Sign up today and trade without fees until December 25, 2022
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